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Updated: Mar 15, 2021

On Friday, August 2nd we held another successful event at PreMil! We had the privilege of introducing live painting and wine-tasting to the public for Downtown Aurora's "First Friday". Every First Friday of the month, businesses in downtown Aurora open their doors to the community with events, specials/discounts, art, and music! We hope everyone that participated had a memorable experience filled with fun, laughter, and a humbling painting experience.

‍ Special thanks to the boys over at Dapper Looks Barbershop, Jimi Allen (Bureau Gravity CEO), Too Skinny, Ricardo Miranda the Realtor, and Doctor Clarity. Just some of the city's leaders that made an appearance. It's great to be surrounded in one building with leaders that are looking to push our city to its full potential, in all areas.


In my opinion, the best part was the diversity of people that walked in. Every member of the community was represented. We had all ages, couples on dates, families with kids, photographers, professional painters, amateur painters, terrible painters(such as myself), and even other business owners. Attendees enjoyed the night with painting, competing in Street Fighter, music, socializing, networking, laughs with Too Skinny, talks about the future of the city, and much more. ‍ It's humbling to share an experience like this with the community. It grants us plenty of inspiration to present more events, yet bigger and better. We look to expand beyond our retail space in the near future. Perhaps collabs on a block party, or even go in the direction of a venue. We would like more of the Fox Valley area involved and give the opportunity to share that "family experience" with us. We work diligently to create a welcoming culture and aim to familiarize ourselves with the individuals that walk in.


In our 3 months of being open, we've met countless of people. If it's one thing we have been more enlightened by, is that everyone in this city is talented in their own, unique way and has their own story to tell. Everyone has their own history and background. If we just take the time to listen to our community, we could become conscious of the beautiful talents, traditions, and traits we all have. There is ALWAYS something to learn from everyone whom you cross paths with. That being said, we look forward and direct our attention at how we will assist and co-labor in being the small change with events such as this. We invite you to partake in any future events and be a part of the change we need! It's up to us to take pride in our city and make it a city to be proud of. There is something happening here. This is only the beginning.

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